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I am working on researching the transition from hex to round recievers, and am trying to get a general approximate serial range for the transition. So, if you have a 1935 Izhevsk or a 1936 Tula, if you could post serial numbers an hex or round reciever, it would greatly aid my research. I'll start with mine:

1936 Tula, Hex reciever, Serial # 139859, Finn-capture scopeless sniper, "SA" mark only
1936 Tula, Hex reciever, serial # 134316, ex-PE sniper
1936 Tula, Round reciever, serial # 209628, Finn capture, "SA", "D", and "41" marks

Thanks in advance for your imput, the info will help greatly.

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1935 Izhevsk #4390 Round Receiver
SA marked
2 piece stock,Finn style no finnish,just oiled,screwed sling slots,front one original blued,rear one sanded
Double stacked front sight
Black Bolt,old #1258 lined out and restamped #4390
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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