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Re: stampedes. The wife and I were caught up in one of sorts. Several years ago we were at the local mall for an early opening. There were maybe 50-75 people waiting. We were near the front of the crowd directly in front of the doors maybe 10 feet away. They opened the doors and the it was like the entire crowd went for the door at the same time. As they squeezed in I found myself being literally pick up off the ground and carried from where I was standing through the door and into the mall where I was "deposited" as the crowd spread out. My feet never touched the ground for a good 20 feet. My wife who was right beside me somehow wound up well behind me. She was literally pushed through the door. The idiots at the rear of the crowd tried to rush the door and the people in front were just squeezed through the door like mustard. If someone had fallen in that crowd they would undoubtedly have been trampled. Needless to say that was the last time we have been near any store anywhere on Black Friday.
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