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When speaking of rifle rounds, the external balistics of them are very SIMILAR (not same, but a great deal alike) if they throw similar weights at similar velocities, out to arround 300-350 yards. Beyond that, differnces start to become verry apparent.
.223/5.56mm, .243, .270. .308/7.62x51, 30'06, 7.62x54R, .300 Winmag, etc, etc, etc., are all very close together, within an inch or so, out to 300 yards with apropriate bullets fortheir calibres.

The "flatness" of a modern centerfire cartriges external trajectory, especially one to another, is often made far more of that it is worth untill you get into VERY HIGH velocities, and even then, it's not all that and a bag of chips.

Even a 4,000fps SABOT round I throw out of .308 is down to 2000fps @ 500 yards and almost 2 feet below line of sight, on a 300-yard zero, but, with a 316 yards zero, it is, according to a plotting program, within 3" of aimpoint vertically ("point blank") from muzzle out to 367 yards. It is my prarie-doggie round tho, once they are out of range of .22LR Stingers. :)
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