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Lastly i have a question on the firing pin. I was told it needed a new one, and when I took the pistol down I see the ion is in good shape other then the tab/guide that slides in its rail is broken off and gone. Will the pistol still fire with out this or do I need a new pin??
Have you tried the wooden dowel test to see if you need a new firing pin?

Get a wooden dowel and make sure the diameter of the dowel in smaller than the inside diameter of the barrel and the dowel will slide freely in the barrel. Sometimes a pencil will work. Cock the pistol and hold the barrel vertically. Place the dowel in the barrel so that is end is against the face of the slide. Fire the pistol. If the dowel jumps out of the barrel, there is nothing wrong with the firing pin. If the rod doesn't move, then there is a problem with the firing pin. The fastest and easy test I know of the check on the firing pin.
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