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Toyo Kogyo Series 31 matching

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I got this Type 99 a while back and although I noticed the wood-indentations that suggested the presence of a monopod, the original pod seemed to be lost to history. I know it's arguable in terms of "preservation of history", but since this rifle did show that screws had already been turned and thusly 'messed with' (for whatever reason), I decided that I'd like to get a monopod for this otherwise all-matching early TK Series 31. For full disclosure :) the dust cover is not matching, but it was on the rifle when I got it. Probably an add-on by a previous owner. The cleaning rod is correct with a flat/squared-off top end, so I presume it is original to the rifle. Thanks to the collector on this forum who answered my WTB for a "correct TK monopod with hiro mark"!

The bayonet and canteen are from other aquistions, but notice the battle damage on the scabbord. I have both 30-cal M2 ball and 30 carbine ammo, and interesingly an M2 ball projectile does not fit into the residual 'pocket' left over from the bullet impact - but the round nose of a 30 carbine bullet fits it perfectly. Not sure if it's legitmate damage or if someone wanted to add its provenance post-war, but I'd like to believe it's the real deal :thumbsup:.

Interestingly, the striker is not serial numbered to the rifle, but it is hiro-marked (at least I think that's a hiro).:)

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TK strikers were not numbered.
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