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Took my 1893 Turk out gopher hunting

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Yes the same rusty one I posted about a week ago. It is kinda early for gophers in my neck of the woods so I did not see many but I did manage to take one with a nice clean kill at 55 yards. Sure was fun.
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It looks like someone else was excited too :) .

I assume you are using "light loads" for them there critters?

LOL. I imagine its the same thing as over here in Nodak, we don't eat them and there are miles and miles for backstop.
Does "clean kill" in this context mean that the mess is so thinly spread around the countryside that you cannot see it?
50's dated Czech actually. Dont really need to worry about were your shooting. Nothing but grass and wheat fields for miles. Here is a picture of the area were I was "hunting". Never mind the modern arm in the picture.
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Looks like a lot of fun. You are very lucky-up here we have a hard time finding a 200 yard range.
Wow thats beautiful country.. looks like the Russian Steppes..How would you like to advance across that with Russians and their 91/30 rifles taking careful aim

Do you ever eat them?..Those look pretty plump and tasty..When I was younger we used to eat Groundhogs ..I like the young ones best tho..around here they get to be 20+ pounds..Biggest I ever saw lived on a Golf course in Reston..Had to be 40lbs and as large as a medium dog (not as tall of course)
It looks like someone else was excited too :) .


Exactly! I can just hear the commands while trying to take that picture: "Leave it...Leave it..."
I went woodchuck hunting last weekend, although i was not as successful. I missed one at about 75yrds, hitting the mound right in front of him... my dad shot at two add missed as well.
Gopher hunt..

When I first moved onto this ground 30 years ago, it was an abandoned horse pasture. To hunt gophers I would open their tunnel to the air, then sit in a lawn chair until they pushed dirt up to close the hole, sipping a little wine to pass the time, and I would let them have it with one shot from an old P38. Unknown to me, my new next-door neighbor came down to say hello about the time I let one off. He quietly eased back home and told his wife I was out getting drunk and shooting straight into the ground. And I thought he was standoffish for not saying hello for two years!
We have the littler bother of those here in ID -Wissel pigs! Ours give us a target of 1X4" , and using open sites make it real hard to hit them with a 8x57mm. Though I do use my scoped '06 and 30-30, and 357 mag carbine on them! Great fun with light cast bullets! In fact I went out today before the weather went south and tagged one at 113 paces with the 357 mag carbine! With 113gr cast in the '06 and 30-30 I can reach out 200+ yards!
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