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Hi, I'm starting to collect a little military surplus stuff and this forum looks like a really good place for worthwhile discussion.

So I recently bought this Polish Tokarev from Classic Arms and it came with an unusual magazine. I've seen lots of others with Romanian and Polish pistols and they all look alike, but not like this. The floorplate is different--you poke something through the hole in the toe end of the little dent to push the spring up to slide it off. It has no marks stamped on it anywhere. It looks new, but is packed in cosmoline. Is it just a newer commercial version?



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That does look a little different.

I will need to check my Pole later.

My Soviet TT-33 magazines have a factory logo on the magazine body. It is small and sometimes not well stamped so you might get a partial stamp or even stamped very lightly.

What you have is just too clean and made a little differently from the originals. It might have been made by the original factory for the pistols for export, but that just one of several theories/guesses.
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