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Hi Folks,

I made a two-stage trigger the other day and wanted to try it out.

The pull is 2.5lbs first stage and about 5lbs second stage. It is very nice.

I grabbed nine rounds figuring on three, three-shot groups, but found that all but two were Speer, and the remaining two were Hornady. I put those aside so as not to blow the group.

I only shot 50 yards. Before when I shot 50 yards I was shooting a bit right. I drifted the front sight to the right a bit, and now I'm hitting a tad bit left with Hornady-tipped handloads.

I am not 100% sure of my orientation to the target, though. I believe the bullets were angling in from the left, and the milk jug was stuck on a dead branch at any rate.

I'm going to have to get out at 100 yards here soon to figure out where I'm really hitting, and which bullet is more precise at range. I've heard Hornady is, and that's what I keep in the rifle for coyotes and such.

I do not know where those fliers came from. I do know that I shoot with uncorrected vision and my aiming eye was 20/40 in high school, last time I bothered having my vision checked. I'm thinking that when I got my license renewed they told me it was 20/45 or 20/50, don't quite remember.

Anyway, I was sort of guessing where the green was!

Standing 30 yard groups appeared to be centered. These were shot at a tall tree stump using a knot for an aiming point.

I'll try to get out again here soon. Been too busy!

Hope you enjoyed.

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