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Today is "World Water Day"

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The Pentagon figures there will not be any Major Wars over water for at least 10 years YEAAAAAAA!!!!! But saddly water resources may become the target of terrorists BOOOO HISSSSSSS
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Water and "water shortages" is kind of a pet peeve with me. Here in the southern AZ desert our local water company started a program called "beat the peak" in the 60's. The whole scheme was to reduce peak water use to put off the necessary upgrades in our water storage and pumping equipment. Well the first year of the program we were so successful that the water department had to raise water rates becuase they did not have enough revinues to operate since we cut our overall water use.

Now we regularly get chewed on conserve water and water rates have increased so much. almost nobody has grass here anymore. I had 1,000 S.F. of grass until I could no longer afford to keep it. The year I killed it, the 1,000 S.F. of grass was costing me an additional $40 - $50 a month on mu water bill.

Now our cousins to the north of us who get on 3/4 of the rainfall that we get looks like Las Vegas or a area that gets 10 times the rainfall that they get. They flood irrigate their parks and properties that are connected to the Salt River Project. Flood irrigation is the most water wasting method of watering. The individuals who had access to the SRP water only paid like $6 - $10 a month I am told.

I understand water is and will be a issue, but these "save the Water" programs I have seen are a joke when done in communities like ours. I saw one the other day. Hpw many gallons of water does a typical 20 minute shower use? a 20 gallons, b 80 gallons or c 120 gallons? aswer? C 120 gallons! Wait hold on what are they talking about the average shower head you can buy here is 2 gallons per minute, or if you can find one of those water wasters you might find a 2.5 GPM or even rarer a 3 GPM shower head. Then they went on to water used to flush a toilet and their test came up with some ungodly amount of water that was wasted. You can't buy those water wasters here, you would have to smuggle on here from somewhere else.

A long time ago the local water company realized their power in the growth of the city and actually had gold keys painted on their building, showing they had the keys to the growth of our community.

The way they figure your water use billing here is that the water you use in the months of like Sept - March are figured to be you base water use and your sewer fees are based on that use. In the warmer months of April - August any additional water use is considered to be used for out door watering use and you are charged incrementally more for the amount of water you use up to penalizing rates that really gouge if you get into the tier higher use tiers. Some areas here charge like $3,000 just to get a 3/4" water meter.
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