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titanium firing pin

Just a little history on titanium pins, which I relate with extreme shame.
About a year or so ago this solution was brought up. I was very new on the board and wanted to help, having been a tool and die machinist for over 25 years. I was working at that time in a medical device shop, literally surrounded by tons of scrap titanium........
Although I made no promises, I told some members of this board that I could make pins on a production basis for fairly cheap, all of which was true and actually in-process.
Personal projects were allowed at this shop, the operative mode being "don't ask, don't tell". After all, Swiss turning machines represent a very large capital investment for the company; it had to be a "covert operation". Fellow engineers and machinists will nod at this one.
To cut to the point, I very stupidly told my shop buddies about it. They just grinned, knowing me for a born fool. Sure enuf, word got back to Darth Vader about my activities and I was mind-scanned and tortured. Well, close enough. I wasn't immediately fired, in fact I was allowed to keep my half-done pins, but the incident was used as a means to eject me from the shop soon after. If I had been making anything but gun parts, I think I would have been chastised, but not terminated. So it goes.
To make matters infinitely worse, I never got back to the board members about my fate. There can be no excuses for that, not ever. I can only hope that the members involved can forgive me................pretty pathetic stuff.
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