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Well not much in the way of Finns. I did see a B barrel in a new stock for $395.
Also another M39 Sako for $325. A few empty tables and more junk items then the last one I
attended in January. The ammo prices were high but there were a few good buys on the newly imported 91-30's and the like. We bought out all the Bulgarian 54R one dealer had.
Heavy ball 250rds on links for $55 for 500rds. Not too bad of a deal but one can of it was
pretty rusty. With any luck it will clean up and shoot. Oh, almost forgot there was a SVT 40
walk in that was nice for $650. If I didn't have one it might have come home with me.He was walking out with it as we left. More commercial rifles and less milsurp.
Finn Collector, that was a nice snag on that 91.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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