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Posting three different 1938 JP Sauer K98's that show the change from S/147 to 147, walnut to laminate and from Weimar eagles to Nazi e's. The first rifle, S/147, has an unusual light colored stock that appears more birch than walnut. It's all matching except for the cleaning rod. Serial #3130 c?,e?, I'm not sure of the block letter. Its pictured at the top of the group photo.

The second rifle is a '38 147 code in walnut, all matching including the cleaning rod. Serial #3247 i. It is the middle rifle, dark walnut, in the group photo.

The third rifle is another '38 147 code in laminate wood, all matching (except rod). Serial #9653 n. Last rifle pictured. Notice the 5 notches cut in the top of the stock, kill notches? I'm sure the Germans wouldn't allow marks like that but I'm not sure what else it could be. It would be a tough time explaining to your Soviet captors what these marks meant. The receiver of this rifle shows the changeover from e/359, e/214, e/214 to e/359, e/214, e/37. The bolt take down disc in the stock is now proofed e/37, the earlier pictured rifles use e/214.

First up is the light colored 1938 S/147.

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well i cant comment on all three posts so ill just put it here. FANTASTIC pre-war rifles. Im a boring mid-war guy, but man these early ones can get my blood pumping. This s/147 i find specifically appealing. Outstanding post and demonstration of sauer 1938 progression. Interesting to note on the n block 147 the right receiver WaA's and the changeover from e/214 to e/37
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