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Hi all,

Here is a Thousand Stitch Belt along with a Personal Bag and cloth. These were found by a friend of mine in Cairns, Far North Queensland.

Is anybody able to kindly help me out with translations of the script on both the belt and cloth and the name on the personal bag.

Many thanks in advance,

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The owner's name on the items bag is Teramura Takeo (寺村 武夫).

The slogan on the belt is the typical Bu-un Cho-kyu (武運長久) meaning Everlasting Battle Fortunes.

The towel has the same slogan but in printed copy of a handwriting with the writer's name Ito Toichiro and his age of 110 years. He was considered a novelty back then due to him being the oldest known Japanese alive and his handwriting of the slogan must have meant some extra punch to the slogan meaning.
I'll add an interesting footnote but it turns out that back in 1940 when he was supposed to have been 113 years old, they rechecked his birth registry and found out that the original birth date entry was an error and he was actually just 88 years old at that time. So much for the extra punch !
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