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My 96/38 is like many others, but it is what I have. Please remember that when my milsurps were purchased we had not previously seen these weapons for sale. When my forefathers wanted a long gun, they were offered something made by Winchester, Remmington, or Savage. Suddenly during my youth these exotic military weapons were being sold. Books about these guns were unknown to us. Fortunately, American Rifleman would sometimes publish and article about them, unfortunately including instructions on how to sporterise them. I love this little rifle and its cartridge. It has a light compact stock that fits most humans. The cartridge, over 100 years old is adequate for men and most beasts. After all W.D,M. Bell killed all his African game with the 7mm, only slightly larger. He did not exempt the elephant. Apparently, the U.S. military is looking to adopt a 6.8 round. The 6.5 Swede would be a good starting point. The bolt on this rifle is butter smooth, cocking upon closing. No need to crank the weapon thirty degrees to the right after working the bolt as is necessary with the '98. I think the stock disk indicates the bore is well worn. In my experience the most likely reason for me to score a miss is my own inability. The Swedes have constantly produced excellent weapons and other mechanical devices. Other nations have always chosen their military products to kill one another while Sweden wisely remained neutral. Apparently, our Swedish friends use their long cold winters to do more than make more Swedes!

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When I was a boy Grandpa, S. J. Stevenson of New Hampshire, did not take me to Chuckie Cheese. We went hunting. Grandpa with his .300 Savage, and me with my Daisy.

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