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Around a year ago I sent a little package to the son of a fellow board member serving in the Ashcan. He still is, and has had 9 deployments. I included my email addy so he could let me know if he received the package or not. He replyed back with thanks from he and his Bros' and stated they would fly a flag on one of their aircraft on a mission over the Ashcan and send it to me. It is now hanging on my living room wall:

The plaque at the bottom denotes his Squadron at the top then reads:
This American Flag flew over the skies of Afghanistan in an MC-12W, Tail #647, during Operation Enduring Freedom on the 17th of April, 2011 in honor of
Warren Bruney
The bottom left has his name listed as Sensor Operator.
The bottom right has the name and rank of his Squadron Commander.
Just awesome.
I am humbled that one serving as he has, would even consider this.
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