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I've just received 2 tin cans of 7.62x25 from They were unlisted of the manufacturer but upon receiving them today, I am pretty certain that they are 50's Polish stuff.

I've opened and inspected the 2 tin cans of ammo and they are quite different.

One is 53 and the other is 54.

53 tin, 1 random box inspection:
- 70 round/box
- Very poor packaging. When cracked open the tin, there was some kind of brownish liquid on the weld marks.
- Ammo is dirty and have rust spots.
- No crimps. Instead it has something else (see picture).
- 53 33 343 head stamps.
- No cracked casings.

54 tin:
-70 round/box
- Better packaging, no brownish liquid.
- Ammo is clean and shiny. No rust spot.
- 3 crimps on the neck of the case.
- 54 343 head stamps.
- 3 crack cases out of 70 rounds. However, the cracks (along the crimps) are very small compared to most of the pictures posted on the forum.

Can anyone verify these ammo if in fact they are Polish and from the same manufacturer? Will these have split casings (especially the 53 stuff since no crimps)? Will these perform closely similar? Are these SAFE to shoot?

Sorry if I'm asking too many questions, I'm pretty new at this caliber :D


53 tin:

54 tin:


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100% Polish. Both types of neck crimp are correct. Should be excellent shooting ammo. I would cull-out any rusted rounds, but just wipe off any dirt.

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I've got the same stuff - Polish ammo is stab crimped. It does cause the cases to crack, but they still shoot just fine. I've shot around 300 rounds of it with no problems at all. Clean it off, of course, then shoot to your heart's content.
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