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thanks Dutchman for your patience, after all the Norskis, Swede's and Danes were in a defensive cooperation alliance at one point : < }
What a beauty. that is the nicest NK I have ever seen. I have all the metal and stock hardware except one screw in a long stalled restoration project on a 1912 carbine. The wood on mine is horribly bubbaed. hacked forend, slimmed down and rudely shortened butt with a ancient rubber recoil pad. This was a project from an era when I was in jr high school or some such. On one of the now defunct gunforums there was a norwegian named Nord who researched the serial number of mine and suggested it was within 2 serial #s of rifles that during ww2 were issued to a skijouring unit that dissolved into the Fiords. there rifles were buried, and not recovered until after the war. Mine showed a weird pitting on the magazine that fits those details
Your photos are the best I have ever seen of a 1912. I have never seen a photo of the handguards, particularly the flat of the rear one.
LD Hare let me dig around, probably for a long while, be patient. somewhere I have a cleaning rod that I paid $12.00 on e-pay for. they are very distinct, and only about 8 inches long. Mine will never be restored to the beautiful stage that yours is. If I find it before you scroung one up up I will get it your way.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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