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So now, in a forum ONLY dedicated to WTS/WTT, we have to select a tag saying we 'want to sell' something? Oh wait, we can also say we 'want to BUY' the WTS ONLY forum! The tags are just noise. Unnecessary noise at that. The forum is ONLY for WTS. A separate tag telling us that is just plain stupid. The extra visual clutter they create is just unneeded. Yes you can select what forum you want to post in, but just being in that forum in the first place works fine and does not as easily allow for accidentally posting in the wrong form.

We also HAVE to enter in a location. Why? I admit it can be nice to know but to require it? Why have it in the title? It creates even more of a visual mess.

The picture in the title is very annoying, though optional. While OK with the phone view, on a desktop it is just too much noise, along with the price, that we now have to enter separately and will appear, along with the picture, with the title.

The price, again, can be nice to have in a specific location in the post but in the desktop view is just unneeded noise to have in the forum listing. Maybe just have it in the post itself? And posting a price like that doesn't help, and can actively HINDER, when you are listing multiple items for sale in a post. Like most posts do.

Why do I need to enter a price in a WTB section? It is not required. Or is this you just trying to look like Facebook Market place? I can see all the WTB for $10,000 to just and try to get people too look.

Why am I automatically following posts I create in the WTS section? I have that crap turned off. I just check, it is still off, and yet I am following a post I made. You can't deselect the option when posting. It just stays checked.

I made the FB Marketplace thing as a joke but as I type this I see there is a new "Marketplace" section starting up, with only the posts since the change at noon today showing up. So we're going to be getting rid of the sale forums and just lumping everything together in one big unorganized mess? Because that is what it is right now. A mess.

To summarize the above: This is not and should not be Facebook Marketplace. What was done was poorly implemented.

Oh, and while we're at it, one of the most annoying issues there is with this 'new' format is the spell checker. It can take forever to find and notify you of a misspelled word, and the notification can disappear while you click around or continue typing in the box. It can then take forever to, or may never re-notify you of the error. Sometimes spell check thinks an entire paragraph is misspelled. The implementation of the spell checker has been crap since the switch over and is still crap months later. WTF?

I also love the "This is an older thread, you may not receive a response, and could be reviving an old thread. Please consider creating a new thread." at the bottom of old threads because your stupid "recommended post" crap that has caused so many zombie threads to pop up to the surface, even in the WTS forum.

EDIT: I'd like to add that the zoom-in on the stupid preview pictures in the title is also annoying. It's annoying when it is done elsewhere on this site and it is annoying there too. I took my pictures to show what I want and now some AI will, basically randomly, zoom in on a picture in a way not intended. Possibly just ruining the whole thing.

I also noticed that in the main post the preview picture is just one of all the ones you upload to that section that then make a slideshow. At least that is only an option and not enforced. Then you wouldn't beable to match text up to the pictures any more. That along with the single price allowed to be shown a the top would encourage only one item per WTS post which would encourage multiple posts, even though the rules say you can only post 1 per week. So then I forsee a rules change letting you post more or as many as you want. Really taking us into that FB Marketplace future.
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