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All the threads from the old boards have now been reposted in the Survey Forum and it's open for additional information. The one exception is the Chinese T53 thread and I'd like ryg to post a summary of his data so far to restart that one. I haven't been able to get in touch with him so if somebody could pass him a note I'd appreciate it. I do have the thread saved to my hard drive so it won't be lost even after the old boards are down for good. Also, thanks to mupples and USMCsean for handling their respective threads. That really took a load off me during the transition.

Be sure to read the rules before posting. I'm going to keep the Survey Forum strictly limited to data collection and mixing in questions and chit chat just makes it harder to sort out the information. Use the Collector's Forum for that.

The Mosin Nagant Survey Forum

Here's a list of the threads currently in the Survey Forum.

Finnish P-Series Rifles
VKT receiver/barrel serial numbers
Finnish stepped barrel M91s
Puolustuslaitos mark
Tikka M91/30s
Finnish PR.2 mark
Drilled and tapped receivers
Finnish Stock Discs
1918-1924 Izhevsk receivers
1944 Tula Carbines/Rifles
New England Westinghouse M91 dates
SS(+number) on Finnish Rifles
1929 M27 Serial Numbers
Finnish Issued Arisaka and non-standard arms
M28/30 No maker, no date
Nose numbers on Finnish Mosins
M1907 carbine rear sight marks, 1900 or 2000
Hex receiver and Tula M38s
Eastern European M91/30 and M44 Database

Thanks for your participation - 7.62x54r
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