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It amazes me reading thru the different forums about impressions of people coming back from gun shows.
It summs up all to greed and stupidity.
The problem is that BO has people worked up, they had sat by with there head's in the sand hopeing the numbers of gun owners will maraciously rise on its own some how and affect the voter base well we saw how well that turned out!!!!, I think that owning a firearm is like eating a sit down home cooked meal with your friends, at the table you take your fair portion and be content with it, so you dont eat 1/2 the choclate cake or eat all the fried chicken your self? you go to the gun show get what you need "Thats it!" being a gun owner is contagious, its better to be a carrier of the affliction and infect others caueing a outbreak of gun owners in a area (voter base) than to sit at home idlely by and die of illness
Gun/Ammo/Parts hoarding
For Crying Out Loud Go out and infect a few people!!!!
Then ther's less a inclintion to see you hauled away as a gun hoarding survivalist/loonie wingnut.
The good citizens of Britan and Australia stood by while the few seriously Ill ones were culled from from the heard now without those few wild sheep keeping the heard somewhat safe from the wolves they are at the mercy of the wolves while the shepards over the hill are takeing alittle longer tea breaks (now the wild sheep are gone, shakeing up things) theres a little peace for the shepards they dont have to work so hard to keep the sheep in line, so what if the wolves get a percentage of the flock, it worh the peace and quiet!!
I still have a little wild blood left to keep things interesting, go to a city council meeting or a PTA meeting and infect a few more!!
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