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The Gun Lobby’s Loss

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The Gun Lobby’s Loss
Published: December 1, 2008

The gun lobby has long intimidated politicians with its war chest and its trumpeted ability to deliver single-issue voters, especially in tight races. After this year’s election, those politicians should be far less afraid and far more willing to vote for sensible gun-control laws.

The National Rifle Association directed much money and bile against Barack Obama. In false, misleading and, fortunately, ineffective ads, fliers, mailers and Web postings, the group said that Mr. Obama posed a “clear and present danger” to Second Amendment rights and that his election would mean a gun ban.

Despite that harsh barrage, Mr. Obama won states with heavy gun ownership, including Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania. That success should send a signal to other politicians: consistency matters.

In fact, Mr. Obama has long been a supporter of the argument, disputed by this page, that the Second Amendment bestows an individual right to bear arms unrelated to raising a militia. But Mr. Obama did not abandon his support for reasonable gun-control laws. “Don’t tell me we can’t uphold the Second Amendment while keeping AK-47s out of the hands of criminals,” he declared at the Democratic convention.

In Congressional races, the N.R.A. endorsed candidates in 20 of the 25 races where Democrats picked up seats from Republicans. We will not miss Florida’s Tom Feeney and Ric Keller, Idaho’s Bill Sali, Michigan’s Joe Knollenberg, Ohio’s Steve Chabot, Colorado’s Marilyn Musgrave and Pennsylvania’s Phil English — willing champions of an extreme agenda.

On the Senate side, the N.R.A. spent considerable sums to help Senator Elizabeth Dole of North Carolina and Bob Schaffer, the Republican Senate candidate in Colorado. Both were defeated.

And the N.R.A.’s poor showing was not just a single isolated event. A useful election analysis prepared by the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence shows that its 2006 campaign effort also was a big flop.

We hope the trend continues. To fight crime and keep Americans safe, this country needs sound gun-control laws. To pass those laws as president, Mr. Obama will need strong Congressional support.
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When are they gonna go after their racist mayor? David Crosby paid just a $5,000.00 fine, for carrying a concealed handgun in New York in 2004. We didn't hear Michael Bloomberg demanding that this pothead musician (with three prior convictions for the same thing) serve 3 1/2 years in prison. Jails are for the black people who are convicted of gun charges on their first offense.

Does this sound familiar? You bet it does. It wasn't that long ago; when wealthy white people were given fines for snorting cocaine; while the poor black people who smoked it in a crack pipe wound up in a cage.

Cocaine is cocaine. Carrying a hangun without a license is not a different story because somebody is black or white. The punishment should be the same...
I call bullshit on this one, as I did not see ONE ad put out by the NRA, here in Iowa.
REALLY! Wayne LaPierre and his gang can't shoot straight any more. They do not protest; when corrupt anti-gun politicians refuse to enforce federal gun control laws in our crime infested liberal sanctuary cities. If not ICE; then who do they call, when illegal aliens are arrested with an illegal gun on the street?

The N.R.A. does not protest against issuing state drivers license to illegal aliens, even though that piece of plastic allows them to purchase their next guns in Dunham's, Big 5 and other licensed dealer's retail stores. Never mind if this would be illegal too.

"Are you an illegal alien?", is one of the questions to be answered on that BATFE form #4473. Guess who gets blamed if somebody lies, buys a gun and then uses it? That's right, the gun stores who aren't equipped to enforce this law and the FBI's NICS computers aren't running immigration checks either. I heard nothing out of Wayne, when that horny anti-gun New York attorney general was obsessed with providing illegals with an ID card that can be used to buy an illegal gun.

Most of my support goes to the Gun Owners of America and their local state affiliate group which is more responsive to public input...
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Wayne LaPierre can go fly a kite until he gets enough balls to go after corrupt anti-gun politicians who refuse to enforce their own damned laws. The NRA is little more than a FUNDRAISING arm for the GOP these days...
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