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I was viewing opinions on this pistol and was the fur flying! Is this Glock comparable in size to the Ruger LCP? I bought an LCP as a back up, but I ain't crazy about the .380 cartridge. MSRP is supposedly about $ 150.00 higher than the LCP. Anyone have first hand knowledge of the G42? Thanks.
It is closer in size to the small sized 9's (real close to the Shield) and larger/medium sized .380s like the Bersa Thunder or PPK (Similar bur larger and blockier in the muzzle and slide so it will conceal harder than the thin muzzles of theBersa/PPK types) than it is to an LCP or P3AT. If you look at this vid it is real close to a J Frame except the JFrame 38 has a longer grip in this example, put a boot grip on the .38 and I bet it would be real close. Not real impressed with the 42 personally, lot of smaller backups in .380, and thinner more easily carried medium .380s for main carry if that is what one wants to carry, this one does not fall in either category perfectly for me. But to be fair I am not a glock guy so it would have to be perfect sized for me to consider one.
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