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This thread being devoted to Mossberg products I expected to see SOMETHING posted about Oscar & Sons FIRST gun, and ONLY pistol produced for public sale. After all, it was the Brownie's sales success that enabled the new company to continue and become America's longest surviving family-owned gunmaking company.

When someone calls himself a "Mossberg Collector" my first question is, how many BROWNIES do you own? How many of the four, possibly five. Variations?

The first four Variations are now relatively well known amongst collectors, but only TWO of a FIFTH Variation have been found for study. These are guns bearing serial number 100 or lower. Regardless what the final number produced might be, there can only be 100 in this very exclusive group. By the way, TOTAL production from 1919 to 1932 is guesstimated to be approximately 33,400 guns.

Of the FIRST 100 Brownies, only serial numbers 91 and 92 have surfaced for inspection so far. Their main difference from the rest of the guns stamped PAT.APPL'D.FOR is the fact that the serial nuimbers are stamped in the same AREA at the bottom of the grip frame and the barrel cluster, except the stampings are on the LEFT side of the gun while all others were stamped on the RIGHT side.

If any readers own, or know of, a Brownie with a serial number of 100 or lower, please contact me with info to further our knowledge of Mossberg's "Founding Father."

Thanks in advance for any help.

Best regards ~ ~ ~ FloridaFialaFan


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