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Italian M1916 Grigio-Verde Helmet with Cloth Cover with Machine-Gun Section Patch

Italian Officer's Private Purchase M1916 Grigio-Verde Aluminum Parade Helmet

Other Italian Displays ~ Left to Right

Italian Carabinieri Tenente circa 1915-1918

10th Regiment Bersaglieri circa 1915-1916

Italian Infantry Winter Dress circa 1915-1918

Sorry folks if I got a little carried away! The Italian section of the Collection hasn't received quite as much attention as some of the other countries have in the past.

I hope everyone has enjoyed the additional items. Italian WWI items are few and far between in the U.S. and not all that easy to find in Italy, where I have acquired a large percentage of the items pictured above.

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What a great thread. Thanks JPS!

In a lot of ways thread is great example of WW1 in total.

1 people group.

3 armies

5 different uniforms

Weapons and field gear from at least 6 separate countries, some of it captured and re-issued.

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Wonderful thank you.I read an article in an obscure gun Magazine some years ago about the Czech Legion and their weapons but apart from that and a time-life book I've seen nothing on them.I did see a display about them in the Army museum in Prague.Again all kudos to you.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts
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