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The Brusilov offencive. Bochröder post 56

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Next one. This one has a "letter within the letter" for Rosa.
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No leave to be had now that romania has declared war... :mad:

I'll translate tomorrow evening.
Sorry it took so long, here it is...

Poginki, the 29th of August 1916
My dear little Rosa!
Today I got your dear letter number 233 and two parcels numbers 231 and 232, I enjoyed them a lot and say many thanks to you for them. It saddens me that you dearest little heart have not recieved any mail once again, still I have written every day, I hope you've gotten mail again in the meantime. I've still not been able to send the large parcel, then one has to run around for the permitsd, if I'd have known that I would have sent the cans one by one. So you also have almost no shoes in store and can also hardly get more in (Does his father run a shoe store?) , well all runs out, and always more enemies. My house shoes are so far good so far as I still put them on. In the hope that you dearest little heart, our little Walter, the parents, Else and Walter are fine your Karl greets and kisses you.

For her eyes only:

Poginki, the 29th of August 1916
My dear little heart!
Today I've once again come from watch, then at least I have a few hours of calm and time to write. So I really believe that you dearest heart have lots of work both high and low and then also in the grass (Harvest?) and then also the running around with the meat crate and so on.Also your mother is not better, yes twisting the ankle will hurt a long time, though I hope that she will already be better, though for you, so that you dear heart will get more rest again. I've written a card letter to Georgenthal. Yes my dearest little heart If I could only be with you once again, I belive that our little Walter gets ever funnier, oh if I only could be with you again, but now that romania have started (attacked us.) then the leave will anyway again be cancelled. They are fast to do that, for now there is no thought of that, that I will get any leave out of one of 70 applications. Though do not think about that, that only leads to aggravation, though for today it is ended. In the hope that you dear little heart and our little Walter are fine your true Karl greets and kisses you.
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1 - 4 of 6 Posts
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