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The BILLION Dollar Gun Ban
As if starting wars with Russia and China isn’t enough to keep the gun-grabber in chief busy, he’s once again pushing for American disarmament from his bully pulpit. Obama and his Department of Justice are lobbying Congress for over 1.1 BILLION dollars collectively to impose new gun bans and heavy handed restrictions. All this comes in the form of Obama’s most recent budget proposal, according to a recent article.
Obama’s gun-grab initiative has been given the relatively benign name “Now is the Time”. Here are the details of what Obama seeks to foist on the American people.
1. Require background checks for all gun sales.
2. Strengthen the background check system for gun sales.
3. Pass a new, stronger ban on assault weapons.
4. Limit ammunition magazines to 10 rounds.
5. Finish the job of getting armor-piercing bullets off the streets
6. Give law enforcement additional tools to prevent and prosecute gun crime
7. End the freeze on gun violence research
8. Make our schools safer with new resource officers and counselors, better emergency response plans, and more nurturing school climates.
9. Ensure quality coverage of mental health treatment, particularly for young people.
Here’s a question I hope the GOP leadership seeks an answer to. Why would we spend over $1,000,000,000, which we don’t have, to return to a draconian law that brought with it a 19.3% increase in murders while it was in effect? Why would we expand on the already burdensome background check system that even Dianne Feinstein admits wouldn’t have prevented the Sandy Hook tragedy from happening? Does he plan on borrowing the $1 BILLION from China to shred the 2nd Amendment? Oh, the irony.
I’m also curious, what does he mean by “finishing the job of getting armor piercing bullets off the streets?” I wasn’t aware any armor piercing bullets were on the streets. Could Obama be talking about future import bans such as the one his administration recently slapped on 7N6 ammo? Could he be talking about banning all rifle caliber pistols? Only he knows at this point, but it should turn the stomach of every freedom loving American.
Finally, if the safety of our children is so important to him — LET THE FACULTY AND STUDENTS EXERCISE THEIR 2ND AMENDMENT RIGHTS ON CAMPUS. It’s been proven time and time again “gun free zones” are nothing more than safe hunting grounds for psychotic murderous predators. How many times must we make the same mistake before we learn this painful lesson? Obama’s grand solution to crime prevention is taking a proven bad idea and making it worse.
If there’s a silver lining to the Obama gun ban cloud, it’s that he continues to sell more guns than any other President in U.S. history.

*No sign that they will be letting up this year and that UN treaty is still looming as a threat
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