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The reason they want it is they know that the more they implode onto the American people the more chance there will be of an insurrection, everywhere and all at once, more and more all the time especially if people are armed. I mean, look what happened in the Nevada desert with those protestors and the blm, and that is a scenario they don't like, I mean, they want to screw the citizenry over and not have any free thinking or movement or freedom of business and the only thing that can endanger that is folks feeling empowered by gun ownership, whether or not the citizenry would ever use guns anyway doesn't matter, its the feeling of helplessness when people are unarmed and unfamiliar with firearms is what is important to them, they want us all scared of our own shadow, I mean, scenario number one,.... a group of jack boot thugs comes in and shoots up a crowd for protesting liberal injustice or arrests in the middle of the night and then a few people get it in their heads that it would be nice to fight back, but have never shot a gun before, I mean, they know the thugs a lot of times employ a barrett 50 sniper rifle, but mostly use what is called an m16 machine gun, pull a trigger and pull back a T shaped handle and such but they don't understand what those big box shaped things do underneath the firearm or where bullets are put in, or even how to shoot at targets, so any thoughts of "resistance" to tyranny goes into pretty much suicide mode ideas where the only idear is picking up a stick or a lug nut wrench and confronting tyranny and getting peppered with full auto fire about a second later from a bunch of heavily armed trained liberal killers who will kill for a lot of pay and benefits per year who feel justified in doing things they are ordered to cause they have a family, house and car payments and most of all sign oaths to follow currently lawful orders of their commanders either police or military, I mean, I remember what it meant to disobey a lawful order when I was in the military, it would mean court martial, imprisonment, and supposedly life long shame in your local community.
^This, they won't stop till they achieve their "utopian" gun free world where they are the only ones armed,

"This always confuses liberals, that conservatives like the military and don't like the bureaucracy. That's because the military has their guns pointed out and the bureaucracy has them pointed in"
Grover Norquist
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