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The Bayonet for the Berdan Dragoon Rifle

The bayonet for the Berdan II dragoon rifle is different than the bayonet for the standard infantry rifle. It is slightly shorter and since the dragoon model bayonet indexes on the front sight instead of a stud on the right side of the barrel the slot and mortise are located differently by 90 degrees .

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The different location of the slots, dragoon bayonet on top, infantry bayonet on the bottom.

View attachment 141424 View attachment 141429
Muzzle area of the dragoon rifle on the left and muzzle of the Infantry rifle showing the bayonet lug on the right side of the barrel

The really hard thing to find as a collector is the scabbard for the dragoon bayonet!
Since dragoons were horse mounted infantry they had to have a bayonet and the dragoon rifle was sighted with the bayonet in place. However, it was inconvenient to carry the bayonet on the rifle while on horseback, so the shashka had to have facility to carry the shashka on the side of the scabbard.
When the M1881 shashka was introduced, it originally had a built in scabbard on the side of the scabbard for the shashka. This consisted of a wooden insert covered with leather. The dragoon bayonet was carried inside the insert. The internal scabbard arrangement had the advantage that the bayonet was covered and would not catch on anything as the mounted trooper rode. This did not last very long and was replaced with scabbards with rings for the bayonet to be carried on the outside.
View attachment 141426
The Berdan II dragoon rifle and Pattern 1881 shashka with the bayonet pocket

View attachment 141427 View attachment 141428 View attachment 141425
Details of the bayonet in the pocket on the shashka


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NICE pictures. Now I just have to get one of them schaskas as I already have the Dragoon rifle & bayonet.
Why did I look into this post??
Guess it won´t be cheap to get one.

Best Regards / Henry

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I know this is resurrecting a very old thread, but the former attachment links have disappeared. I wonder if Joe may be able to repost the relevant images for the context of this post!

Or can anyone post additional pics of a Berdan II and Berdan Dragoon bayonet!
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