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Harley XL1200 Sportster took a crap, battery went dead at work. LOL my skinny butt tried to push start it. When that didn't work took it down a hill to try to pick up enough speed to pop the clutch. That didn't work either, bike has way to much low end torque. Pushed it 100 or more yards back up hill to the parking area. Wow am I getting old or what?:(
Friend of mine used to work at Batteries Plus and drives by there on the way to work, he's picking me up a battery today and getting me a discount. Had my name put on it yesterday as it was the only one that fit my bike in the store! It's gonna be about 21 degrees tonight when I ride it home ought to be fun! I'm sure that is nothing for ya'll who ride up north, but it is right chilly for Texas.:D Thank God that my buddy Scott is picking it up for me as I would have had to woke up extra extra early and drove a 20 mile round trip. That may not sound like much, but my truck really is a piece of junk. LOL glad I haven't had to push it lately.:eek:
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