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Quite awhile ago I bought a new M39, but have not shot it much. I shot it a lot today. I fed it Albanian, Polish silver tip, Hungarian yellow tip, and the Bulgarian in clips, all at 50 yards. I was shooting from a bench, but without a sling. I believe I could shoot better if shooting prone with a US GI type web sling.

The Albanian shot best. I could cover my 5-shot groups with a 1" square paster, not just the centers of the holes, all of every hole. The Polish shot almost as well, the Hungarian just a little worse. Even the Bulgarian shot well.

Manipulating that bolt for the rapid fire will be tough, but I want to try this in a NRA/CMP Service Rifle type match.

Unlike my prior experience with other Moisin Nagant rifles, the steel cases caused me no problems.

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