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Tell Me Your Favorite Mauser Dealers/Auction Sites Please...

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I've caught the "bug" and there ain't no cure! I have requested the forms for getting my C&R License and now I'm trying to accumulate some good dealers/web sites/auctions to look for Mauser rifles, particularly a Swedish Mauser. Can you help me out with your favorite sources? Thanks.
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I have only bought 5 mil surps on line, two from Aim, One from FGS, and two from SAMCO Global. The ones from Aim and FGS fast curtious service, Samco slow and had to send one back, but they did make it right.
Hi Mauserhooked,
I agree with Gil. Dennis Kroh at Empire is excellent. I have been very happy with every single rifle I've purchased from him.

But there is another answer to your question. Don't worry about web sites. You live only 100 miles or so from Tulsa. Save your money and go there! Dennis is there from what I hear, and so are thousands oif other dealers and collectors. If you are not sure of what you're looking at, just post a "Who's going to Tulsa?" thread here and make arrangement to meet a few GB member-collectors there so they can do a little mentoring for you. That's the best other collectors and shop in the world's biggest gun store!
Best Regards,
Excellent suggestion John. Mauserhooked, while there are many quality dealers on line, especially the sponsors here at Gunboards, a chance to meet and talk with sellers and other collectors is another great way to go, don't discount it. I've never been to the Tulsa show but it is supposed to be a good one.
All, thanks for the list of dealers and for the Tulsa suggestion. I haven't been around this forum very long but continue to be impressed with the professionalism and help I find here. Thanks again.
You've already gotten excellent advice. I will add, as someone who has bought way too many rifles online, that nothing beats seeing and handling the rifle in person to judge what you're really getting. Pictures online are nice, but they never tell the whole story. Look at as many as you can in person, and study online, in books, etc. The online buying experience will go better for you after some of that experience. Above all, have fun.

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