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Tell me about this M91 Serial number 48?

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I posted about this M91 several weeks ago. I was told I needed some pictures so hopefully here they are. I brought it home from the store yesterday. The tang is a Tula dated 905r.The stock is Finnish. My guess is that 48 is the serial number as it appears on both the bolt and barrel. What can anyone tell me about this rifle's history. Thanks for any replies.


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hmmmm...that's interesting...I always thought the '48' mark is was associated with the "late-date" and/or "no date" / "no-maker" Finnish m39...
AZF is an Austrian capture mark.
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I was so preoccupied with the '48' mark I neglected the WWI capture mark...VERY cool!!...
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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