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You have a leather cylinder 19-24 inches long, may be 2.25 inches in dia. It has a strap with a buckle sewn to the bottom and circling the cylinder. About half way up the cylinder is what can best be described as a belt loop of leather sewn on to the cylinder so that a strap passing through it would circle the cylinder and be parallel to the lower strap.

You wish to carry a 12-15# knee mortar in the tube, base down. You will have to have some type of carrying strap that goes under the base of the KM to hold it in the cylinder. This could have an end loop and be held by the lower strap (maybe so, maybe not.) How would you design a carrying strap to secure the mortar in the case and allow you to carry it comfortably. Anyone that can come up with a documented method of the way it was done will win, absolutely free, a copy of the KM book, a $30 value. (whoopee)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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