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T99 Rear tang screw won't go through hole of....!

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Hello all,
I have a Arisaka Type 99 made by the Tariimatsu Factory of the Nagoya Arsenal, Series 3. For some odd reason it was/is missing the rear tang screw that goes up through lower tang, through the stock and screws into the top tang from under. I ordered a screw from Numrich Arms and a repro monopod from Sarco. They came here-lately and tonight I finally got to fiddling with the weapon to put the screw in it and mount the monopod.

Anyway, when you look through the screw hole in the end of the lower tang you can see a metal piece up in the stock which has a hole in it. I assume it so the screw can pass through it, sort of like a sleeve of some sort. The screw will not go through the metal thing in the stock, some sort of disc or something up in there. The hole is too small. But the head fits into its berth on the lower tang perfectly and I screwed the threaded end of it into the threaded hole on the top tang to see if it would fit and screw into it. It screwed in and fit perfectly. The screw looks like it is the same diameter of the other tang screw too. So why is the hole in the piece of metal or whatever it is embedded in the stock between the tangs too small? I just don't get it. Any ideas or info?

As for my new Monopod, naturally I cann't get the pin out of the new monopod. I will have to buy me some sort of "punch" to drive it out. But the monopod is a well made monopod, sturdy, blued or black steel, etc.. I can't wait to mount it.

But any ideas about that piece of metal in my stock with the hole in it that is too small to allow the rear tang screw to go through it will be greatly appreciated.
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There is probably just rust inside the spacer. If you have some drill bits try the right size turning it by hand and see if you can dislodge the rust. Or take a small round file and clean out the bushing. Its suppose to go. riceone
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