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T53 C&R?

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This is probably a stupid question. I am in the process of purchasing a T53 in fairly decent shape. 1955 with the receiver and the magazine serial numbers matching. Bolt does not match. Stock number and butt plate number match. The question is related to my not being able to find the T53 specifically listed on the C&R list put out by BATF. Although not listed this weapon does meet the three step criteria that BATF sets forth. Anybody have any thoughts.
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My old motto on things BTAFE is "never accept legal advice from anyone you don't have on retainer". Ask the BTAFE,.. they will give you the straight scoop.
Dallased,... good for you! I assume that the BATFE answered in the affirmative. I had a C&R from 1976 to 98. Then the item had to be listed on the ATF C&R list, until 1981 when the military/ police use prior to 1946 came into effect. ( M1 rifles up to 1956) I did not renew my C&R in 1998. I live in NJ and it is of no use here. I used it when I made it to guns shows outside of NJ. You can't even ship to a C&R holder in NJ.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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