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A few years ago I got to cherry pick an estate collection.
Some nice stuff, but a lot from the days before any value was placed on Japanese stuff.
A lot had been acquired post war in Japan as the guy was an airforce bigshot.
He had been given a set of family swords by an employee and later sold them for enough to buy a house.

Anyways a lot of his stuff had been tinkered with.

I have a Nagoya t97-matching, ground, and refinished stock.
To make things worse, a Timney trigger had been installed and they machined out a bit of metal in the sear slot.
This makes an original trigger useless.
Anybody have any experience or knowledge about fixing this?
Don't have pics at hand but they simply extended the slot about 50%.
No real gunsmiths around here, especially who would deal with this.

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Don't have the rifle here at th farm so can't take a pic.

Imagine a slot about 1/8 inch or so wide about a half inch or less long-where the sear comes up through.
Imagine that this slot has been neatly machined to be about twice as long as it should be.
It needs metal replaced and I wondered about someone experienced in this type repair.
I have a tiny bit of welding experience, but would not tackle this.
It is far enough from the chamber that I think it could be safely done, but need somebody who knows for sure.

I will make the call you suggested.
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