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T-66 Dies

Topic author: Ronin48
Subject: T-66 Dies
Posted on: 11/01/2006 10:43:42 AM
Want to buy set or need four or more of you "gentlemen" (?) to chip in on set of dies to reload for late Siamese Mauser and Siamee T-66 (Japanese clone of T-38 made in Japan for Siam). RCB can do the reloading and we purchase ammo from him. Shot his last weekend, not as bad as the 8mm Carcano carbine, but has a hefty recoil.


Reply author: vis35
Replied on: 11/02/2006 12:32:13 AM
$72.45 at CH Tool & Die:

I bought a set from them a few months ago, quality seems good but I have not tried them out yet, I need to buy or form some brass, can not find my specimen round to measure to figure out which caliber of brass to start with.

Reply author: DocAV
Replied on: 11/02/2006 08:32:07 AM
To make 8x52R Siamese, the best case to start with is the .45/70 case, but you will need an intermediate die or dies to successfully bring dowm the .45 cal neck to .32...If you have a 40-82W or 43 Mauser and 33 Winchester dies, then the job is easy. if not, you are best served getting an RCBS Form set, which effectively uses the same steps to reduce the 45 case down without it folding or crushing.

And then you have to turn the rim down from .600 to .560 ( a lathe is best, but a drill press will do with a File.

The other solution I have used, is to take Loaded 8x56R ammo, pull the bullet, dump the powder, trim to 52mm, full length size, reload with areduced load of the dumped powder, re-seat the bullet, and have a good time. The 8x56R case is a little undersized ( .490 vs. .500), but the rim is spot-on ( headspace and diameter) and the Mauser or Arisaka action can handle the load and the .329 projectile ( Siamese Mausers and Type 66 rifles had the Austrian system of rifling, deep grooves with intermediate diameter bullets to "upset" into the grooves and give Gas seal. The BT FMJ of the 8x56R needs to .329 diameter to fill the grooves, as the BT base won't upset well.The original 170 grain Siamese Bullet was flat based, and about .325 diameter. I sometimes use 154grain (Chinese) Mauser projectiles because they are flat based, and upset well in the Siamese.
If you wish to use new brass (Boxer) 8x56R cases, even easier... you can reload as well.

The other trick I have used is a short section (1/4 inch) of K&S Brass thinwall tubing (.500 OD, .485 ID) to sleeve 7,62x54R cases which have been trimmed back to 52mm Length...I have even fireformed such cases without trimming ( ie, Loaded brass cased Milsurp) and they form perfectly ( the .310 bullet justs "rides" the rifling and out, but gives enough pressure to fireform the case.). I always run the cases through the FLS die to set the shoulder in the right
place. The brass ring is to ensure concentricity. of course, one can directly seat a .323 diameter 150 or 170 grainer(Flat base) into the sleeved and trimmed case, and have the correct bullet on fireform... especially if you are using Berdan primed ammo... (but then I reload berdan, doan I?)

regards, Doc AV
AV Ballistics.

Reply author: vis35
Replied on: 11/02/2006 12:48:44 PM
Thanks DocAV!
I remember reading the Guns & Ammo magazine article on forming and loading the Siamese Mauser ammo, in fact it was the first one I ever bought but I misplaced my copy sometime over the last 25-30 years!

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