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Well, me and Bcass and JoeF and some other kids I don't know ransacked the 'cuse show today. Anybody who couldn't make it today, it's well worth going back tomorrow.

There were lots of M-44s, and lots of Yugo SKSes, less M-1s than usual, and less black plastic in general. Several good tables of neat stuff, but mostly the usual vendors with new stock, not new faces with completely new stuff.

Strangely, quite a few modest-condition modest-price semirares like Persian Mausers, Gew 88s, Lebels, and the like. One guy had a pair of Tula SKSes, a '52 stamped matching and '50 matching but EP'ed mag, for $300+25tax. Shoulda, but didn't.

I did see one really neat Mosin. It was a .30-06 Westinghouse with the set-back barrel and a chopped stock... But with not just a 1903 front sight, but a 1903 rear sight too! $75 was the asking price, and I almost did it, but decided better... I have plenty of M-91s and as neat as it was, right now I'm pressed for space.

I mostly dabbled in snagging a long quillback Gew98 bayonet for $50, a speckly Beech M1 stockset for $55 (which I now think might be for a Beretta... oops), a M-95 Steyr-Mannlicher bayo for $25 (!), and some odds and bobs.

Then on the way out, I saw a 91TS Carcano Carbine with the sideways bayonet lug for a hundred bucks, and that came along.

Then, I saw this T-38 carbine.

Cost me $370. Worth it.
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