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Swiss Prototype based on the Browning High Power design

Caliber 9 mm

Serial No. 26

Exterior extractor

Has thumb print

Has Swiss Shield with Cross on left side of slide above the trigger guard and W+F in a circle at the rear of the left side of the slide.

Manufactured 1943.

The Eidenössischen Waffenfabrik (Federal Weapons Factory) produced a Browning type self loader (patterned after the FN Model 1935 GP). The Swiss designation was "43 W+F Browning". This example is one of a very limited series of hand made prototypes developed by the Swiss National Arsenal at Bern as a potential replacement for the Luger pistols, which had been the standard sidearm of Switzerland for many years. The Luger pistol was an outdated design, a fact recognized by the Swiss. Thus the Swiss were seeking a replacement. Other firearms were in the trials and all were eliminated except the "43 W+F" Browning and the Sig Petter. The testing board were impressed by the reliability and simplicity of their designs. The trials continued until the adoption of the ‘Ordonnanzpistol 49 Sig’ in 1949.

The Swiss made some minor modifications to the Browning High Power design. The safety was enlarged to gave a positive click and feel. This was an improvement over the original safety which was small and could accidentally be moved. The rear sights are larger and are integral to the slide. The front and rear of the grip has serrations which give a more positive feel to the handgun when fired. There is no thumbprint, but the pin extends out further so as to allow the user to easily dis-assemble the weapon. The trigger is similar to the one used on the 1911 Colt.

The pistol has two matching numbered magazines - which are different from each other.
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