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As promised...

This was posted on the old boards. With Dutchman's recent request for other Swedish firearm pics thought it worth reposting. It's a fairly rare bolt action. Carl Gustavs manufactured about 1,500 of the Swedish variants, 500 of which were two band the remaining 1000 with three (as in the example shown). They were made between 1882 and 1884 for trial by the military. Norwegian variants were two-band and are even more scarce than the Swedish.

Fires a 10.15 x 61 rimmed cartridge.

The example pictured below is complete, correct and matching in every way. Note the brass plate with the inscription "G. Lundgren, Stockholm," evidently a former owner.

Tom in Pittsburgh at has more information. Wikipedia also has reference material and links. Tom put me in touch with the Eurpoean guru on the subject Karl Egil Hanevik author of Norske Militaergevaerer Etter 1867. He's a real nice guy. I purchased a sign copy of his book but unfortunately it's in Norwegian. Fortunately I have some good friends who can translate.

Dutchman - let me know if these work for you. Send me PM if you need anything.


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The only view you don't have is the top of the receiver showing the whole length of the receiver.

Very nice rifle, very clean. I have zero experience with the Jarmann. Really nice photos, too, thanks alot.

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