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I have a SW40 that I FINALLY got a chance to shoot, and I find that it's shooting pretty low. Granted, I don't anticipate shooting it at any distance greater than 7 meters, but I do want it zeroed where it should be.

Problem is that the SW40 doesn't have adjustable sights. I've been shooting Federal 155 gr Hydra-Shoks in it, and I'm going to try some 180 grain loads to see if the increased dwell from the lower velocity brings the POI up.

Failing that, what options might I have with regard to the sights (are there replacement adjustable sights out there for this pistol?).

Is that the model? SW40? If the front sight is removeable, you may be able to purchase a shorter front sight blade. If it is not removeable. You can file the front blade down a little. That will raise your POI in relation to you POA.
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