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SVT Gas Setting Study !

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I thought this might be a interesting thread to start.Some SVTs run with lower gas settings than others.Maybe if we list some facts about our rifles we can get a idea as to why that is.I will list the facts of my rifle and lets all add ours and go from there.One important fact to note will be the muzzle test.This can be done with out taking the flash suppressor off the rifle.Just pull a bullet from a 7.62x54r shell.Use the red sealer line on the bullet which is common on surplus ammo that we use as your reference mark.Also note barrel fluteing is important SVT rifles have 3 different types.Early is just the case neck fluted.I will call mid war The neck fluted and slightly down the case shoulder.Late war the neck is fluted and down the shoulder and case sides.Now this is my subject rifle facts

1941 Tula SA marked

Barrel bore = Excellent strong shiny bore lightly frosted grooves

muzzle test= Excellent lots of bullet sticking out

Barrel fluteing= excellent early type (just the case neck is fluted)

Recoil spring condition= New

Gas piston and Cyl= New stainless replacements

Gas setting= 1.7 and runs perfect with no excess recoil noted

Chamber condition= serveral scratches from broken case removal at some point in its history.I have polished the chamber completely with emery cloth

Ammo Russian surplus steel case light ball

Spent case condition= good flute marks noted. Cases do tend to crack at the shoulder and slightly down case side.Case edge were ejector grabs on shows no problems of excess force. Note i have also had a few crack in two original refurbed PU snipers i have.A Rguns and a Sammco.

Ejection distance= right around 5 or 6 ft

If anyone thinks of anything else just add it Thanks !
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My SVT-40 will 'slam fire' about every other shot letting off two rounds in the process.. I have changed the firing pin spring, the disconnecter, and the disconnecter sear and thoroughly cleaned the gas piston, all to no avail. I have tired different gas settings. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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