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Stopped by ****'s Pawn Shop on Hiway 544 in Surfside, SC and they have an SVT-40 with magazine and also a Finned M91/30. 91/30 is a 1937 Izhevsk with barrel ser. number on the left side of receiver where the CG number would be and the barrel shank. Has a boxed SA on left side of barrel shank in the right place. The woodwork has been stripped but does not appear to have been sanded. They want $195. Wasn't able to get a closer look of the SVT-40 as they were busy, busy, busy. It was clean looking over-all and didn't appear to have much wear showing. The edges of the magazine didn't appear to be shiny. They want $800 for it. They will bargain a little, emphasis on little, so maybe some one can get their Christmas present early. They will sell long guns to NC and GA residents. No, I don't work there, just visit a lot.

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