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At the HGCA show this weekend I was blessed with an SVT-38.
It is a 1939 Tula specimen with the metal at 90% or better.
The sad part is that it has been horribly abused.
The stock has been saw cut at the wrist and forearm.
The stock is now in 4 pieces.
It had been sanded and refinished prior to this.

The barrel is saw cut into about 1" in front of the chamber but is not through to the rifling.
The rod and gas cone are missing as are the bands.

The rest is there and matching.

I can put the stock back together with epoxy and maybe find the parts....otherwise it is a great parts donor to restore other SVT's

Are the action parts unique to the SVT-38 or are they common to the SVT 38 and SVT 40?

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Well I for one would not want to shoot that one. The action parts are unique to the 38 in most ways but some 40 parts will work. The stocks are non existent. I think it sounds to me like a parts donor. Post a pick of what you have and let me see what you ngot and it would be easier to tell you if you have a chance.
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