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Many years ago I had a Romanian M44 that I enjoyed shooting. Eventually I sold it and almost all my milsurps (not that I had that many) to meet financial needs with the thought that’d I’d get another one “one day.”

I‘d been casually looking online recently and ran across this 1944 Tula. I’m far far far from being very knowledgeable about M44s but from what I gathered on‘s “Rarity of Mosin Nagant Rifle Variations“ this one was, while not rare, maybe a little less common than the average M44. There were only a few general pictures with the ad but it it looked to be in decent condition and the price seemed reasonable from other examples I’d seen at various sites so I figured why not.

It arrived this week and when I pulled it out of the box and unwrapped it I was pleasantly surprised to see it has a hex receiver. The ad made no mention of a hex receiver and the pics didn’t show it (only the Tula star and serial number)

Again from what I have read it seems that maybe these are a little less common still. But regardless I’m very pleased with this rifle and to have an M44 once again!

Here are some pics. I can’t make out the date on the tang (it looks like 13 to me or maybe 19 with the last two digits illegible?). One question- I noticed that the forward barrel band is stamped with the Tula star on one side but what looks like the Izhevsk arrow on the other side? Lots of markings on the underside of the barrel and receiver but I assume these are rework facility marks.

As I said I’m far from being very knowledgeable about these so I welcome any insight or information anyone cares to share.










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A scarce and desirable sub-variant! Congrats! ;)👍
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