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Brown Bear is good ammo, it's made by Barnaul, and they are generally considered the best of the Russian ammo makers.
I am thinking about getting some Brown Bear. Classic Arms has a deal for 360 rounds at around $67 in a GI 3o Cal. ammo can. I don't shoot that much, could use another can for storage, and may order from them for starters. Centerfire has Wolf for around $19.95 or something per 100 rounds. The stuff isn't as cheap as some of the old surplus, even 8mm and Mosin, WAS. But 7.62x39 should be around for a while. I just got a Yugo 59/66 at a show last weekend and they're neat guns. A bit heavier because of the GL and sight, but should be a bit more accurate due to weight. Mine was made in 1972 and has the ported GL. Looks almost like a type of compensator on the end.
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