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Remember members that we have sponsors who allow us to be here every day by supporting us and thus you. Please look to your hosts first when you are shopping so that their ad dollars are rewarded with our business. These sponsors deserve our support and many of them have been with us from the day we have opened.

Empire Arms has been the original supporter of the Collectors Forum from its inception and they are one of the best dealers that are out there for collectible firearms for the discriminating collector. being a specialty dealer with exclusive access to many items Dennis at Empire has been the source for collectible firearm collectors for years and has been your host here providing the access to this forum for over 12 years. If your shopping or have a wish list they are the source you should go to first.

be supportive of our sponsors guys. They need our support first before you shop elsewhere. Check out our home page as well as many treasures are in the smaller dealers who advertise with us and great deals as well. Keep up with the sponsors deals forum as well.

Gunboards is here because of our sponsors-lets keep them here with us by our support.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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