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Super bubba's work.

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This guy needs to be stopped.
I know this is a current auction but this is not in support of it.
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Why don't you copy a picture and do that instead of linking to the auction?
He also got to an extremely rare 1941(!) ex-sniper :(
He usually has a few of this type listed. He's really proud of his "work". I especially like where the scope sits at an angle to clear the rear sights. :p
Fortunately, most of his bubbas don't sell. The guy's a maroon.
If he did it to an $89 OYD special it would actually be pretty nice.
Why don't you copy a picture and do that instead of linking to the auction?
I have not yet figured that out.
I don't think this will be thought of as any attempt to promote his acutions. Call it a Turd alert if you will.
Sometimes I simply don't understand why customizers like this won't leave the art of gun crafting to TRUE artists of our sport---

You know it "may" shoot like a million bucks', but so will a stock Remchester bolt action for half the price IN YOUR choice of calibers set up for a scope to begin with.

I second that this guy must be stopped. I would be willing to pay the guy $100 more than what he paid for any UNALTERED rifle he has just to rescue them from his "skillz". Are there any members in AZ that want to try and talk sense to this guy? I know it is a stretch, but it may work.
I had started a thread on that guy before with his Blinged out magazines. The whole thing makes me laugh and sick at the same time. I just can't imagine anyone would want this thing, let alone pay that kind of money for it. The worst part is he lists them for like 70 day auctions, so every time you search M39's ya have to see that thing.
Look at the bright side, he just made your gun more valuable. He also does an awesome "custom sniper" rifle. With his name stamped in the wood for good measure.
This picture show how to separate the sheep from the goats in the sniper world. Respect for maintaining decorum on the forum prevents me from my real feelings. But, xxxhat is along the lines I am thinking.


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First time I have seen a Mosin with a Berthier bolt handle.

I like how he signed his work under the rear sling slot...
:mad why screw up a perfectly good rifle :mad
How sad, it's hard to read the description without almost throwing up. I like how he jeweled an ordinary mag. instead of the jam-free Finn. mag that would have come on the rifle, nice upgrade!
The puke factor is strongest when I see that long barrel sticking way out there from that cut down wood. Don't burn yourself! $1400 bucks? Ughhhhhhhhhhhh. Does that price include one free buttstroke to the abominator?
50 years ago, guys made big money, and big names for themselves, doing the same thing. They were called "Custom Gunsmiths". Every gun magazine, showed you how to do it. Back then, rifles worth a whole lot more than this one, were butchered. They paid $5-20.00. Now, they're $100-150.00. The only thing that's changed, is the zeros. (They paid .15c a gallon for gas too)
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