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Finally got my hands on some powder, and while it wasn't Alliant's Bullseye or Unique that I was looking for, I decided to give Hodgdon's new CFE Pistol Powder a try. Looking at tables and cross-referencing loads, I decided to start out with 4.0 grains, and loaded another batch with 4.2 grains using HDS brass and 100 grain Huntington 8mm FMJ bullets.

Needless to say, the 14.11 Transitional Kokubunji Nambu really liked the 4.2 grain load, and I think I'll stick with this! Had a few failures to chamber, but otherwise, she ran quite smooth. Got a couple magazines in before the storm raged through town - peppered a coffee can pretty good at about 20 yards; as always, she's quite accurate.

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