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Glad it's getting the repairs it needs.

Another ww2 era sub is not so lucky. The USS Clamagore is about to be torn apart for it's materials because the cost of repair is too expensive for the museum it's at. We've got billions to send to other nations and little apparently to repair our nations history.
I hate losing a sub, but if all the ones that could be lost it’s the one we can survive. It’s a sub that was built too late to see WW2 combat, and was then heavily modified postwar.

The Ling is similar in that it’s basically postwar as well. There are some guys out there acting like they are going to preserve it. My interactions with them lead me to believe that they have 0% chance of saving the sub. They acted like they were in some secret club, refused to answer even the most basic questions, and seemed to lack even the most simple of plans. I suspect it’s going away as well.
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